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Julia Denis-a.k.a. Teddyfleece Porn Star Biography

Julia Denis-a.k.a. Teddyfleece Porn Star Biography
Julia Denis, also known as Teddyfleece, Juliatica, and Julia Tica, is a female adult webcam performer and model. She has become popular due to her active involvement on such adult websites such as ChaturbateMyFreeCams, and Luv2WatchMyCam. She has had several breast enhancements to make her tits as large as possible. As of the date of this biography, her current bust size has been revealed to be 36H.

It is common knowledge that Julia's breasts are enhanced, but there has been extensive debate on the Internet as to how artificial her breasts really are. Forums on social networks such as Reddit feature extensive discussions regarding rumors that she is actually wearing removable prosthetics under her shirt. Denis has yet to clarify whether she is baring her actual [enhanced] breasts, or is merely wearing "fakes" underneath her shirt.

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